Need Upstream Remarketing?

Flexco can assist your company to take advantage of an upstream marketing program by offering your vehicles to your drivers and employees. By utilizing an upstream marketing program, Flexco can often sell vehicles before end of term.


  • Flexco will contact the driver of the vehicle to determine if there is interest in purchasing the vehicle. 

  • If the driver is not interested Flexco will offer the asset to all employees of your company through their state of the art selling platform, Zoomwarehouse.

  • Vehicles are inspected and photographed.  They are often offered to the employee at a price more attractive than retail.

  • Your company can save end-of-term expenses and time.

  • Implementing an expedited remarketing process allows the sale funds to be applied quickly, removing the vehicle off your leasing bill or company ledger.

  • The Flexco Employee Sales Program can integrate with your company’s intranet and can be customized to meet your company’s specific needs and time frames.

  • We offer an appreciated employee benefit that streamlines the auto buying, financing and titling processes.


What is Zoomwarehouse?

Flexco’s state of the art proprietary selling platform for Employee Sale Vehicles

  • One Stop Shopping

  • Browse vehicles on our Easy-to-use Website

  • Inventory changes weekly

  • Detailed photos of every vehicle

  • Posted condition reports allowing you to buy with confidence

  • Free Auto Check

  • Transportation quotes are available for customized delivery needs.

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